Historic Interest

A significant historical association of local or national note, including links to important local figures, may enhance the significance of a heritage asset. Blue Plaque and similar schemes may be relevant. Social and communal interest may be regarded as a sub-set of historic interest but has special value in local listing. As noted in the PPG: 'Heritage assets...can also provide meaning for communities derived from their collective experience of a place and can symbolise wider values such as faith and cultural identity'. It therefore relates to places perceived as a source of local identity, distinctiveness, social interaction and coherence, contributing to the 'collective memory' of a place.

This is used together with Architectural or Artistic Value to determine whether an asset is suitable for statutory listing, and with Archaeological Value for designation as a Scheduled Monument.

  1. Does the asset or site reflect a particular event in the area?
  2. Does the asset or site have associations with particular well-known people?
  3. Is the asset associated with a recognisable type of historic development, such as the establishment and growth of particular industries?
  4. Is the asset or site associated with a particular group or organisation?
  5. Does the asset, site or structure have evidence for an earlier use or relate to an earlier use of the land? For example, Industrial uses?
  6. Does the asset, site or structure reflect the growth or historic layout of a place?
  7. Does the asset feature in historic artwork, images or a film of note?
  8. Communal Historic Value: Does the asset have spiritual value, for example being associated with a particular religion or belief system?
  9. Communal Historic Value: Is the asset or site regarded by the local or a wider community as an important resource, as a place of collective memory or as somewhere which represents the spirit of a place?
  10. Communal Historic Value: Is the relationship of the asset with the landscape or socio-economic history of Cornwall an intrinsic part of its importance?

Note: The Condition of the asset should not be a factor in considering its designation.