Want to be involved?

We are keen to capture heritage assets that are important to the people of Cornwall and we are inviting members of the public to nominate candidate sites for the Local Heritage List.

We encourage anyone with a particular interest in heritage to register their interest via email at LocalList@cornwall.gov.uk to volunteer and improve our records for each site.

The Council is particularly keen to work with a diverse range of people, to ensure that a variety of heritage assets are nominated for inclusion in the local heritage list. Once on the list, these assets become known as Non-Designated Heritage Assets (NDHAs). They differ from those sites that have statutory protection and national designations, such as Listed Buildings, Scheduled Monuments and Registered Parks and Gardens.

You can volunteer to add the entries to the Local Heritage List with the designated candidates by registeringThis process will involve using our digital platform to add the relevant information. There will be training provided and some technical support for this role. Other volunteering roles may involve researching particular places of interest, helping with data entry or sharing your story about a place you care about.

Contact us for any enquiries at LocalList@cornwall.gov.uk