Assessment Criteria

Assessment Criteria are used by a Local Planning Authority to assess a candidate for Local Listing. Utilising a set of criteria provides accountability within the decision making process and a uniform process for assessment. Members of the public can also utilise the Assessment Criteria to better scrutinise candidates when nominating them for inclusion of a Local List of Heritage Assets and to aid in this process, supporting information has been produced on these pages for the benefit of the public whether acting as individuals, or part of a local group.

Please note that North Kesteven District Council, North East Lincolnshire Council and City of Lincoln Council have previously adopted Criteria that can be found on their respective websites, or by contacting them directly.

These Criteria are split into some General Criteria that should apply to most types of heritage asset and Assessment Criteria that are more detailed and relate to the heritage significance of a candidate, note, not all of these more detailed criteria will apply to every candidate.

Generally, where a building has been adversely affected by modern changes and restoration is either impractical or impossible, they should be excluded.

The General Criteria are:

  1. A candidate heritage asset should have some degree of permanence. It should not be easily removable for example street furniture fixed to the ground; artwork affixed to a building etc.
  2. A candidate heritage asset should be of demonstrable local importance, positively contribute to the character of the local area and be worthy of preservation for the benefit of future generations.
  3. A candidate heritage asset should be of greater significance than the general historic environment they form a part of.
  4. A candidate heritage asset should be definable in its extent or area. This is clearer for areas, buildings, landscapes, and structures. For sites of archaeological interest, a site should be readable for example as ruins or earthworks, or as legible cropmarks on a recent aerial photograph.
  5. The condition of an asset will not preclude an asset from nomination for Local Listing.

The detailed Assessment Criteria based on national guidance from Historic England and found within Historic England Advice Note 7 - Local Heritage Listing: Identifying and Conserving Local Heritage are found through the shortcuts below: