The Age of a heritage asset can be a factor in the significance of a Local Heritage Asset. Age can be linked with Rarity as generally the older something is, the rarer it is. There is no fixed cut-off point being applied to candidate sites, however the more modern it is, then more of the other criteria it should be demonstrated to meet during the nomination stage. For example Modern (Post-1945) assets will have to be of particularly unique and outstanding design or associated with a significant event or development to warrant consideration, for example sites and structures associated with the Cold War..

For heritage assets of multiple-phases, if possible a date for the commencement of each phase should be identified where possible to do so. If not possible the phase associated with an asset's key phase of development should be identified as a minimum.

Guidance and Support for Members of the Public

  • When trying to establish the age of a candidate, you should consider using historic maps, trade directories or other documentary evidence, however if none exist then the historic fabric can be analysed to help estimate its age.