Group Value

Heritage assets that have or share a clear, visual, design or historic relationship with other heritage assets, or other man-made and natural features. 

Where Group Value can be demonstrated then the constituent heritage assets within the group should be considered as part of the nomination, as long as the individual elements can be demonstrated to meet other criteria for inclusion on the Local List of Heritage Assets.

Guidance and Support for Members of the Public

  • Examples of Group Value are historic farmsteads where there is a farmhouse and associated buildings such as barns, cartsheds, stables etc. Another example is the grouping of a country house and its parkland setting.
  • As well as being evident in situ, further evidence of Group Value can be found on maps.
  • There is no distance limit on Group Value, for example a Gate Lodge may be some distance from its primary residence, yet still has group value as part of the estate.