Historic Interest

Historic Interest is an association of a heritage asset with a notable individual, event, development in industry or agriculture etc. at a local, regional, national or international level that contributes to the overall significance of the asset.

In Lincolnshire the military structures such as Pillboxes built as part of defences against possible invasion during the First and Second World Wars can be said to have historic interest; similarly the areas and landscapes that Alfred Tennyson wrote about could also be said to have historic interest through their association with the writer. 

Guidance and Support for Members of the Public

In assessing the Historic Interest of a candidate for Local Listing, the following points could be considered.

  • Does any documentary or archival evidence of the association exist, if so please include a link or reference as part of the nomination process.
  • The nature of the association and how it enhances the significance of the heritage asset should be outlined
  • Is the historic interest derived from a direct association such as Conflict and construction of defensive structures, or an indirect association such as a writer describing a place, or using it within their work. 
  • Does the association provide information about the heritage asset that may no longer be evidenced in the historic fabric or landscape?