Project Partners

Heritage Lincolnshire

Founded in 1988 and based in Heckington at the Old School, Heritage Lincolnshire are a local charitable trust which undertakes a range of activities in the promotion and conservation of the County’s heritage.

Their charitable aims are lifelong education, building conservation and archaeological fieldwork and research.  They have a national reputation for the conservation and re-use of historic buildings and for delivering innovative activities that engage and enthuse local people.

You can find out more about the work of Heritage Lincolnshire here.

Lincolnshire County Council

In its Planning Service Lincolnshire County Council has the Historic Places Team. The team manages the county Historic Environment Record and uses this information to advise on the management of heritage assets across the county. The Historic Places Team also undertakes projects to try and increase our knowledge of the history and archaeology of the county. These include hosting the county's Finds Liaison Officer as part of the national Portable Antiquities Scheme to record finds made by members of the public. The team is also undertaking a project to record the character of Lincolnshire's historic towns and a pilot project for Historic England on the identification of the significance of the public house. The Lincolnshire Historic Environment Record is available online at:

Local Planning Authorities in Lincolnshire

All of the Local Planning Authority District and Unitary Authorities are in support of and have been involved with establishing the Lincolnshire Local Listing Campaign. Links to each Authorities Heritage / Conservation information can be found by clicking here.