What does Local Listing Mean for Homeowners

The Local Listing designation first and foremost recognises the special historic or architectural interest and significance of a heritage asset to your local area and its character.

Local Listing does not affect your rights as a homeowner unless your home is in an area covered by an Article 4 Direction, which removes certain Permitted Development Rights. Local Listing is not a statutory designation and does put in place any consents requirements. If your building is Locally Listed and Planning Permission wasn't already required, then it still will not be required, however if Permission would be required, then as a Locally Listed Building, its significance will be a material consideration in that application determination process.

A non-designated heritage asset may still be considered against planning policy without being included upon a Local List of Heritage Assets, but being part of the Local List makes this type of heritage asset easier to identify.

In areas covered by an Article 4 Direction, there is a requirement for planning permission to be gained for demolition of a Locally Listed building. For full details please refer to your Local Planning Authority.