Welcome to the Greater Manchester Local Heritage List Project!

Local Listing aims to celebrate local distinctiveness and helps to protect the unique historic character of an area. Historic buildings, monuments, structures and even street furniture that make a place special are known as ‘heritage assets’. Through this website you can nominate heritage assets that are important to you and your local community for Local Listing.

The Greater Manchester Local Heritage Listing Project is being facilitated by the Greater Manchester Archaeological Advisory Service (GMAAS), working in partnership with the district authorities, the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) and, crucially, local communities and heritage groups. The project is open to all of the districts of Greater Manchester, although only Bolton, Oldham and Trafford are currently working towards formally adopting a Local List. The project is therefore focused on these three districts in the first instance, although nominations for heritage assets in the other seven districts in Greater Manchester are most welcome. These will be added to the Historic Environment Record database, and may be put forward for Local Listing in the future. The districts of Salford and Stockport already maintain a Local List, which can be viewed here (Local List for Stockport and Local List for Salford).

For more information about the history of Bolton, Oldham and Trafford, and some of the heritage assets that you might find, please see the information on the district pages.

Any heritage assets that you nominate need to meet at least one of the criteria explained on this site.

How to nominate

The first thing you need to do is register as a user on the site.

To create a new nomination page for a heritage asset, go to the list  page. This will allow you to fill in the address for the asset and tell us why you think it should be on the Local List. We are also encouraging people to upload digital images of their nominations.  If you can safely take a picture of your asset from a public pathway please do so and help us to illustrate our future lists.

What happens after you nominate?

Firstly, the nominations will be assessed against the criteria by local review panels comprising GMAAS staff, the Conservation Officers, heritage specialists and local experts. This short list will then be approved by the local councils and GMCA. The list will be published on this website, as well as via a dedicated interactive layer on MappingGM, a public-facing information system devised and maintained by GMCA. Further to this, all nominations and supporting information will be added into the Greater Manchester Historic Environment Record. Nominations close at the end of November.