Architectural and Artistic Interest

“To be of special architectural interest a building must be of importance in its architectural design, decoration or craftsmanship; special interest may also apply to nationally important examples of particular building types and techniques (eg buildings displaying technological innovation or virtuosity) and significant plan forms.”

Historic England

Architectural interest relates to buildings and structures that have unusual or innovative designs, are ornately decorated or show a level of architectural style or craftmanship. These assets make a positive contribution to their surroundings. Some of these assets may have been designed by a famous or local architect.

Ask yourself…….

  • Does the asset retain historic architectural features?
  • Does the asset have a level of architectural decoration?
  • Was the asset designed by an architect and if so, how does it compare to other examples by the same architect?
  • Is the asset ‘attractive’ and does it make a positive contribution to its surroundings?