Local heritage assets of all ages will be considered. A heritage asset from the 20th century may not hold a great deal of historic interest, but may be an example of outstanding design or should be considered due to its cultural merits. Guidance is given below on how the age of the asset affects the assessment for nomination.

  • Pre 1840- Assets should be considered for the list if they pre-date 1840 and appear to retain a substantial amount of historic fabric and the original layout and form of the asset are still visible. Alterations and additions to a building will not be seen as harmful if they show how the building has changed over time.
  • 1840-1919 – Assets that date to this period provide evidence of the establishment of the district, as well as traditional construction techniques and historic architectural styles. Selectivity is required here in areas where the majority of the assets date to this period. Assets that are exceptional examples of architectural styles should be considered for inclusion on the list.
  • 1919-1945– for heritage within this category there will be a high level of selectivity and assets will be selected that either represent innovation; high-quality architectural design or aesthetic value or reflect important historic or communal associations.
  • 1945 and over- for heritage within this category there will be a high level of selectivity, assets will have to be excellent examples of innovative architectural design or reflect important communal associations.