Other Sites, Structures & Landscapes

Features in the landscape that speak to historic development of modes of transport should be considered for nomination. These can include:

  • 18th-, 19th- and 20th-century structures, such as lifting equipment along the canals;
  • features that facilitated the use of horse-drawn canal boats;
  • locks;
  • bridges;
  • cuttings or disused lines;
  • aqueducts;
  • tunnels associated with canals;
  • signal boxes;

Sites that have identified and interpreted archaeological remains should be considered for the Local List. These may have been subject to investigation by professional or amateur archaeologists, which resulted in the recovery of archaeological remains or features.

Street furniture can make a strong contribution to the character of a street and pieces of street furniture should be considered for nomination. This category can include street surfaces and steps, lighting, milestones and boundary markers, signposts, bus shelters, drinking fountains, pumps, letterboxes and telephone kiosks.

Landscapes that make a positive contribution to an area that cannot be considered to be ‘designed landscapes’ should be considered for nomination. These may include natural landscapes that have influenced the development of a settlement or are associated with historic industries.