Welcome - This pilot has now been completed and no further nominations can be accepted.

This website is dedicated to Cornwall Council’s Local Heritage List Pilot project. Here you will find relevant information about our Local Heritage List Pilot, including guidance on how you can get involved in our project and nominate candidate sites.

Cornwall Council is part of a national campaign piloting the Cornwall Local Heritage List Project. We are one of the 22 areas chosen to benefit from an allocation of £1.5 million by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG).

What is Local Heritage Listing?

Local Listing is the identification of valuable aspects of our past which have local interest. This could be historic buildings, landscapes or objects such as a village pump, an old mining tramway, a Cornish Hedge or a WW2 pillbox, beautiful or striking architecture such as a cottage or bus shelter, or things with value linking them to the community such as the home of a notable person, or historic graffiti. Archaeology can also be identified.  It is a way to identify and learn more about our shared heritage and aspects of our environment which make Cornwall a distinct and valued place. 

Local heritage listing is carried out by people like you, of the communities who live, work and learn in an area and are best placed to understand and identify their heritage. It is about identifying aspects of our past which have value and meaning so that this can be studied and understood in order to pass it onto future generations. It can also be used to help guide decisions about new development.

We are looking for volunteers to work with Cornwall Council’s Strategic Historic Environment team in identifying historic areas, monuments and buildings in the Clay Country and Redruth.