We have recorded this podcast series to give an insight into the potential of the Local Heritage List by having conversations with the Cornwall Historic Environment team. We that by listening you can find interesting information and inspiration to go out on your doorstep to record those heritage assets that may have been overlooked. These podcasts are all bitesized, brief and relaxed conversations with our friendly team. Every person interviewed has a passion for the many heritage aspects of Cornwall.

You can listen to them all here: Cornwall & Isles of Scilly HER | Mixcloud

We have now uploaded videos of the first online training and you can watch them in your own time. 

It’s a total of 6 parts training plus 3 parts describing the HER. Cornwall's Local Heritage List Project – Interactive Online Mapping Part 1 - YouTube  

After training you can register to the Local Heritage List website, and become a contributor.

If you encounter any barriers to accessing or using the Local Heritage List, please get in touch, our team can set aside some 15 minutes online drop in sessions for those who need it.

If you'd like to take part, the Pilot project will end in December. The success of it depends on your participation too.

Redruth Market Day on Saturday 7th of August 2021

Redruth Market Day on Saturday 7th of August 2021

The Redruth Town Centre and the Highstreet have a rich history and some important heritage features and stories which are still visible around town in shop fronts and local landmarks. The Local Heritage List Pilot project aims to capture some of the favourite and most important assets for people and the community in what is considered a distinctive character of the area.

Redruth Green Lane

Once the urban centre of the Cornish Mining industry, Redruth is now at the heart of the World Heritage Site.

This year, the Buttermarket  has been listed at Grade II by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) on the advice of Historic England

In the past, due to a lack of protection , some buildings were lost like the Tabbs Hotel, Redruth (kernowbeat.co.uk)

Hands on a map

Do you know of any features, landmarks or places of Redruth that make it unique? Come find us at the next Redruth Market Day, on the first Saturday of every month or email: LocalList@cornwall.gov.uk

The China Clay area

This is the China Clay area which covers the Local Heritage List focus for the pilot project.

Explore the interactive map and when registered you can add an asset to the List.

Map of the Redruth area of interest for the Local Heritage List Pilot project

This is the Redruth town centre area of interest for the Local Heritage List Pilot.

Explore the interactive map and when registered you can add an asset to the List.

We are particularly keen to work with a diverse range of people, to ensure that a variety of heritage assets are nominated for inclusion in the local heritage list pilot. Once on the list, these assets become known as Non-Designated Heritage Assets (NDHAs). They differ from those sites that have statutory protection and national designations, such as Listed Buildings, Scheduled Monuments and Registered Parks and Gardens.

Local heritage listing is carried out by people like you, of the communities who live, work and learn in an area and are best placed to understand and identify their heritage. It is about identifying aspects of our past which have value and meaning so that this can be studied and understood in order to pass it onto future generations. It can also be used to help guide decisions about new development.

You can volunteer to add the entries to the Local Heritage List by emailing LocalList@cornwall.gov.uk