104 to 110 Hale Road


Hale Road, Hale



Roofed and walled permanent structures.


A terrace of 4 houses about 1860-1870 so contemporary with or only slightly later than Midland Terrace in Hale, which is on the Historic record . At least 2 of he residences appear to have the original sash windows.


Statement of Significance

Asset type

One of he first terraces along Long lane (Hale road) as the population moved out from the cramped workers housing in the centre of Altrincham.


From appearance , 1860 - 1870


Has so far resisted dmolition and replacement by apartments

Architectural and Artistic Interest

Attractive in a Victorian versio of georgian terraace

Group Value

Part of a sequence of terraces of mid to late victorian age between Altrincham and the palatial , later , Edwardian mansions further east alng Hale road.

Historic Interest

As far as oe can judge from the 1871 census and later the properties were occupied by shopkeepers , retired business people and skilled craftspeople . A link between the workers housing in the centre of Mnachester such as the Chapel St housing recently excavated and the merchants mansions in Hale and Hale Barns , Evidence of a growing prosperity in Altrincham in the Victorian period .

Archaeological Interest

Further work need s to be done to determine the earlier inhabitants , and the extensions done to the properties , which are partly concealed from the road.

Landmark Status

Very attractive looking properties and clearly much appreciated by the current residents who ae maintaining the visual status.

Images and Documents


104, 106 hale road and 108,110 hale road form a small ca. 1870 terrace which retains some of the original features

Date Listed

24 Jul 2023

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