From Greater Manchester

The LHLP created by Exegesis is simply superb, and I very much doubt that we would have been able to deliver the Local Heritage Listing Project without it. We have nearly 70 users from local communities registered so far, and the fact that I have received very few queries from contributors asking how aspects of the platform work testifies to its simplicity for users.  As an administrator, the LHLP has some incredibly useful features that enable me to monitor nominations, track progress and extract key statistics with ease. The only disadvantage with the LHLP that I’ve come across is that it is too engaging, and I find it difficult not to become completely absorbed in tracking nominations!

From Lincolnshire

The Local Listing platform that Exegesis has designed is both flexible and incredibly easy to use. The website that has been developed is clean, professional and very functional. The map function to be able to drop a cursor at any location you wish to start your Local List nomination is a great feature. Exegesis have been incredibly helpful in developing the platform both in listening to feedback and proactively adapting it to the needs of a developing project.

From South Yorkshire

The main strength of the LHLP for us at South Yorkshire is the ability to link with our existing HBSMR [Historic Environment Record] so that all the information gathered as part of the local list can be incorporated into our records efficiently. It also allows for consistency between nominations making the assessment process that much easier.