Frequently Asked Questions about the LHLP

We will add to this page with experience of working with more regional and local projects. Click to expand each question.

How long does it take to get started on the Local Heritage List Platform?

From the date you place an order it can be as little as two weeks before you are working on the Platform to prepare your content and work on Asset records. Some aspects require preparation on your side, like deciding on the cosmetic look and feel of your site, and what partners' logos need to be included in the design. We will guide you on this journey and with the many other small decisions to be made before launch.

Is there a limit on the number of Assets we can record?

There is no limit to the number of Asset records on the LHLP. County-scale projects typically manage a few thousand Asset records.

How long will the Platform operate?

So long as at least some local authorities want to use it, our intention is that the LHLP is a long-term sustainable platform for the management and publication of Local Heritage Lists. There is no "end date" for the LHLP.

If we use the LHLP, how can we get our data out to integrate with other IT systems?

There are several options, and the LHLP is not a "black box"! First you can download your data as CSV files. Secondly, the LHLP has live web services including WMS and WFS, allowing real-time viewing of the LHLP data in other mapping applications. Finally there is a data API suitable for synchronising LHLP data into other database applications.

Do we have to involve members of the public in our project?

The LHLP has been designed to support community and public involvement, as this was encouraged by MHCLG in the projects they funded in 2021, but this is not required, and the Platform works just as well without. So the LHLP can be used as an officer-only tool for managing and publishing your Local List.