10 - 19 Brogden Terrace


Brogden Terrace, Sale M33 7UF



Roofed and walled permanent structures.


A terrace of ten houses of red brick with pitched slate roofs. The main elevation of Brogden Terrace has echoes of the classical influences: a large central pavilion with two extending wings on either side culminating in two smaller end pavilions. This results in a well-balanced and coherent design which has been retained in its original form. The houses have two principal above-ground floors with an attic floor set under the pitched roof and lit by protruding dormer windows. The proportions and architectural detailing are of a simple classical style. Included as a 'Positive Contributor' to the Brogden Grove Conservation Area as it is the central focal point for the principal view north-eastwards in the Conservation Area. Its balanced and elegant façade is a key feature that sets the Conservation Area apart as something other than a simple series of 19th-century terraces. Sash style windows (though many in UPVC replacements) are prevalent here, with windows set under curved arches which adds architectural and visual interest.


Statement of Significance


Mid-19th century

Architectural and Artistic Interest

Brogden Terrace is of particular architectural value for its symmetry and richer architectural detailing with stock brick accents. The Brogden Grove terraces are more simply ornamented but still retain rhythmic classical proportions. The increased level of detailing and balanced design makes Brogden Terrace a key focal point.

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19 Apr 2023

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19 Dec 2021

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