Architectural and Artistic Interest

All asset types have the potential to be of significant architectural and artistic interest.

To consider when you are commenting on ARCHITECTURAL AND ARTISTIC INTEREST:

  • Does the asset reflect the character of the area in terms of style, development pattern or the use of local materials?
  • Does the asset contain demonstrate a particular local building style?
  • Is the building the work of a well-known architect?
  • Does the asset enhance the local area and would the character of the local area be diminished by the loss of the building or site?
  • Is the asset a component of a designed landscape?
  • Is the asset prominent within its surroundings?
  • Is the asset an example of an important architectural style?

The intrinsic design and aesthetic value of an asset relating to local and/or national styles, materials, construction and craft techniques, or any other distinctive characteristics. The artistic interest of artworks can be defined through sensory qualities, connections or contributions to particular places, group value, or significance for wayfinding.  Architectural and artistic interest can be demonstrated through research or visually.

Note: the condition of the asset should not be a factor in considering its designation.