How To Get Involved

Anyone can make proposals for inclusion on the Cheshire Local List. The process is slightly different depending on whether you are an individual wanting to make a proposal or whether you are part of a group with plans to undertake a more systematic survey of your area. In both instances, you will need to register an account which you can do via the menu bar above.

Taking Part as a Group

The Cheshire Local List is a community-driven project and the ideal way to make proposals is as part of a community group, whether it already exists or you form it specifically for this task.

We would like the groups taking part in the project to demonstrate the full diversity of our local communities, so please make every effort to be as inclusive as possible in setting up your group. There is a very practical reason for this; different people appreciate heritage and its significance differently. We want the Cheshire Local List to reflect those differences. 

Your first step in making a group contribution to the Cheshire Local List is to contact the relevant Conservation team for your area. You can contact them on one of the following email addresses:

  • Cheshire West and Chester -
  • Cheshire East -
  • Halton -

Making contact early is important as your local Conservation team will be able to arrange a session to talk you through using the proposal website and to help you plan your work.

You can then survey your local area and make proposals for the Cheshire Local List using this website. 

Taking Part as an Individual

The Cheshire Local List is open for anyone to make proposals for inclusion on it. Doing this as an individual will usually happen when you want to propose a single building or small group of buildings with which you have a personal connection. You can go ahead and make proposals at any time, but please feel free to contact your local Conservation team for advice, using the email addresses above.