Making History

This criteria includes those structures and landscapes which are playing a role in ‘making history’, but which may in future not meet the above criteria for local listing.

Making History is a criterion we have developed to widen the range of what can be considered to be heritage and the ways in which we define significance.

You can comment on Making History within other criteria and prompts have been added to the relevant pages to help you do this. Please preface relevant comments with [Making History].

Existing, changing and new communities should have the ability to designate for material consideration in planning those assets which are part of how they identify in the present. While most assets on the local list will be ‘historic’ and have values that will likely increase over time, others may only be of significance for a few years or a generation. A community under threat may coalesce around a particular asset, or a building or landscape feature may be a focal point for the development of a new sense of community as places expand and change. Assets may be of importance to young people for a short time before attention shifts elsewhere. New assets may be created that clearly fit some of the above criteria, but may no longer in the future as communities change. Some assets that meet the above criteria may also be intentionally temporary in nature.

Assets of this type differ from Assets of Community Value in the kind of protection afforded to them by designation and a weighting towards the need to consider their character in planning decisions rather than to enable their purchase by community groups.