Aims of the project

The scope and aims of the Local Heritage List project are as follows:

  • Unified – to create a single unified Local List for the new Unitary Council.
  • Responsive – to respond to and asses the local heritage assets and places valued and nominated by the people of Buckinghamshire.
  • Geographical – we have currently identified very few assets within the East Area (formerly Chiltern district) of the County so particular efforts will be made to address this imbalance.
  • Thematic – This year the project team have decided to draw attention to the importance of Rothschild buildings and other estate buildings to local identity and character across the county.

Who decides what goes on the final list?
Not all nominated assets will make it onto the final list. Each nominated asset will be assessed against agreed criteria by the Council’s team of specialists and trained volunteers before final recommendations are put to the Council's Cabinet for consideration and adoption.