Frequently asked questions

How can I identify if a site is already listed or nominated?
You can view our List or Map to see sites that have been nominated.  These will be 'candidates' for local listing until they have been approved by committee.  To view which sites or buildings already have national protection you will need to Register.  Once registered and logged into the platform you will be able access the full mapping functionality. Icons to the left of the screen allow you to search, to select asset types from the Local List, or to view Nationally Listed or Scheduled sites. The folded map icon also allows you to change the base mapping, options include aerial views or historic mapping to help you to pinpoint sites or aid your research.

I'm struggling to nominate an asset online and need help?
Try watching our video tutorial and the instructions on how to nominate a site. If you come across an issue that isn't covered please feel free to email us at:  To assist with accessibility we can email you a nomination form that can be printed out. Completed forms should be emailed or posted to the Council Offices in Aylesbury (instructions included on the form).

I've placed my map marker in the wrong place, how can I move it?
In Map click on the marker you want to move. Details of the asset will appear in the left of your screen, select this / Edit Details / Next Page. Zoom in on the map window as close as you can and click on the new location (no need to drag the marker) / Exit Wizard. Finally you can check in Maps that you are happy with the new location.

Is there a deadline for nominations?
The Buckinghamshire Local List will continue to evolve and expand over time. We are encouraging early nominations with the aim of formally adopting a large proportion of the successful nominations by Summer 2022. We will continue to review the list and consider new sites after this date.

Do I need permission from the owner to nominate a site?
There is no requirement to seek permission prior to nomination,  the list will be subject to a process of specialist review and adoption by Council Committee Members. When registering to the site you can choose an anonymous screen name if you prefer.

Do I need to submit photographs from all sides of a building?
You should not trespass on someone else's property. All photographs that are submitted should be taken from the public domain unless you own the property or have the express permission of the owners.

Will I hear if my nomination has been accepted or not?
Unfortunately we will not be able to contact individual nominees. The adopted Local list will be published on this platform, the Council website and the online Historic Environment Record.