Architectural and artistic interest

This includes the style or design and aesthetic appearance of the asset, including how it was constructed and any important features which it retains. Changes and alterations from an asset's original form may not preclude inclusion if they are well considered, or demonstrate good quality historic phasing. Poor condition due to decay may not exclude an asset if its structure remains sufficiently intact.

Outstanding or innovative new build design which has helped to raise standards of architecture and design within the local context may also be considered.

Public works of art which celebrate important local or social history, people, collaborations or places may also be nominated.

Examples might include a house constructed of witchert, representing a good example of a local building tradition; one of the buildings nominated for our Design Awards  or the new artwork installations in Aylesbury town centre.

Helpful Questions

  • Looking at the building or structure from top to bottom, can you describe its overall form including roof form, materials and construction detailing, any decorative elements or unusual features?
  • Does the building, site or work of art offer a visually pleasing contribution to the locality, if so how?
  • Is there sufficient physical historic surviving evidence for the asset's interest and value to be understood?
  • How does the asset relate to other buildings or structures nearby?
  • Does the layout of the site contribute to its aesthetic interest?