Photo of volunteers recording buildings in Great Horwood Why involve the community in the local list?

Identifying assets for addition to the local heritage list is a potentially resource intensive exercise for local authorities. Local heritage lists built on a strong partnership between the council and the community are likely to be much more reflective of the historic environment and local distinctiveness, and of what matters most to the people of Buckinghamshire, making the list more relevant, representative and supported. 

Parish councils, history and amenities societies and other local groups and individuals are particularly well placed to contribute and assist in the process of developing a Local List for Buckinghamshire by helping to identify what makes our local communities unique and special and through highlighting what the local population value.  

Qualifications and experience needed:

Anyone can contribute and nominate a site to be considered for inclusion in the Local List through our website. The most important qualification for those volunteers wishing to be more involved is a keen interest and enthusiasm for local history and the willingness to spend some time looking at, researching and recording buildings in their community.  It is important to emphasise that volunteers do not need to be experts, but some prior knowledge of archaeology, architecture, local history, local building materials or industrial history might well be helpful.  We will provide training and a toolkit of supporting resources and volunteers will also have access to an online Forum. 

It is important to also understand and appreciate all local cultures so that the county‚Äôs diverse heritage is protected.  We are therefore keen to attract volunteers who can reflect the diversity of their community.

If you would like to volunteer to help us with the project please add your details to the Register page.

The Forum is an informal chat room for volunteers to swap ideas or share knowledge and experience.