Assessment Criteria

How will assets be assessed?

To be considered for inclusion in the Local Heritage List assets should fall into at least one of the following general categories: 

  1. Assets which are visually illustrative of their period(s) or which have aesthetic value or which are innovative in their construction or design.
  2. Assets which provide good insight into past human activity.
  3. Assets which have historic associations, for example with notable figures (including architects, designers or people who were influential in local or national life) or events, or which are demonstrative of social history.
  4. Assets which are valued by the community, relate well to local character or which include regional materials or construction methods.

Nominated assets will then be assessed in more detail against supporting evidence from one or more of the criteria listed below. The criteria are based on Historic England Advice Note 7 – Local Heritage Listing: Identifying and Conserving Local Heritage but we have included some additional criteria which we believe will help to highlight assets which are particularly important to local people and which are particularly relevant to Buckinghamshire.