Architectural and Artistic Interest

Yewtree Farm, Bidston a timber framed structure (courtesy National Museums Liverpool)

Image right: Timber Framed structure at Yewtree Farm, Bidston (courtesy National Museums, Liverpool)

Here we are looking at the intrinsic design and aesthetic appearance of an asset including how it was constructed and any important features it retains. We would like assets that represent local styles, materials, construction and craft techniques or any other distinctive characteristics.  Changes and alterations to the original form, such as through extending a property, alter the significance, but where these are well considered, and of good quality, they could be included,  Where a building is sufficiently intact, we may still consider buildings that are in poor condition due to decay.

Other buildings we would consider include:

  • Structures and buildings designed by notable local or national architects where the architectural and aesthetic interest has been retained
  • Buildings that demonstrate good examples of early or innovative building techniques and technology
  • Buildings that exemplify an unusual or rare building type or function; or employ an architectural style unusual in the area but which contributes positively to the street scene
  • Buildings that demonstrate distinctive or exceptional architectural quality, design or craftsmanship
  • Vernacular buildings and construction methods e.g. Timber framed, wattle and daub, thatching etc.

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