Group Value

This criterion is about groupings of assets with a clear visual design or historic relationship.

Where assets have age and/or rarity, and/or architectural or artistic interest and have a clear visual, design or historic association with one another, the whole group may be considered.  Examples include:

  • Agricultural farmsteads that retain historic grouping of buildings and where there is a high level of intactness of the group
  • Individual candidates that positively contribute to rural or urban group through design and/or historical connection.
  • Buildings or structures that positively contribute to the setting of a listed building or form a key part of the townscape.

If you believe an asset is closely linked to an adjacent building(s), care should be taken to clearly identify what other assets are linked through association and a photographic record showing the group value should be provided.  Internal photographs are less important here, as it is the significance of the grouping and it is the group as a whole that would be subject to local listing.

Don't forget to refer to the Local Area Heritage Statements page for more guidance.

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