Getting Involved

Guidance for Nominators and Owners

For the Local Heritage List to be successful, it needs communities and volunteers to identify those buildings and built structures that they believe add value and character to their local area. We want to encourage people to bring forward nominations that exemplify quality both in terms of the asset itself and the supporting information, so that we can ensure the Local Heritage List has the best examples of historic assets in the area.  Therefore, we have provided some guidance to support your nominations.  

This section has guidance on how to register on the site and nominate candidates for consideration.  There is advice on taking good photographs and suggestions for sources of historical research, so that you can make the best case for its inclusion.  There is information for owners, to help them understand what inclusion on the list means for their property, and some glossaries to help with technical terms.

Please note that nominations with a current planning application in place will be subject to a brief assessment and the local authority may decide it is not appropriate to accept it as a candidate.

Don't forget to register on the site first, then you can start to nominate.  You can print off copies of the overall Selection Criteria and Nomination form by clicking the images here:


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