Digital Platform

The Lancashire Local List websites main function is to create an overarching local list for the county of Lancashire and all its districts, but it can also be a useful tool for individual and community research, including just getting to know your local area a little better.

Anyone can access the website, however, to use the digital platform you will need to create as a minimum, an account providing basic details including an email address. Beyond this, there will be 4 sets of permission levels, which are:

Anonymous User

Any individual person/community group who may have an interest in viewing the material gathered or use the site for research.


An individual person or representative of groups who have signed up to be involved in contributing to the Lancashire Local List project. This level of permission allows the user to upload information onto the digital platform to create records. Contributors will not be able to change records created by others, but will be able to provide comments. Contributors will be offered training via different formats to provide them with the confidence to contribute in enriching the Lancashire Local List.


Editors can create and edit records including those records created by others and to remove inappropriate or malicious content. Such individuals are likely to include Local Authority Conservation Officers and/or other heritage professionals including representatives of local heritage organisations/groups. Editors will ensure the quality of records and can remove incorrect information and delete entire records if required. They may also identify heritage assets that may be put forward for national designation as Listed Buildings.


Publishers will be those professionally qualified in the historic environment. They can do the role of all of the permission levels and will control what content is accepted and finally published onto the digital platform.