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Former Tram Shelter, St Annes

Why should local people get involved?

We recognise that we all lead busy lives and that it can be hard to find time to get involved with a voluntary project. However, the benefits generated by becoming involved with the Lancashire Local List Project will undoubtedly help your local community. Recognising and helping to identify and understand local heritage helps retain a sense of place within our communities. Our heritage provides an important link to the past and shows us how places have developed over time. Importantly, it can contribute to local pride and our sense of well-being.

Volunteering to become part of the Local List Project can be a fun and easy way to explore your interests and passions for local history. It may involve signing up to be a Contributor or Assessor or it can just be about learning new skills. You will be able to choose your involvement level from either simply registering on the website to view the buildings and sites in your local area, or contributing by uploading a photograph on the site, or you can become a trained assessor to better identify local heritage. Being involved will not mean a firm commitment and you can participate and contribute as often as you like.

Ways to get involved

  • Register an account - even if this is just for research purposes

  • View our online tutorials about the project

  • Carry out background research on heritage assets

  • Carry out site visits and take site photographs

  • Upload photographs and information to the platform

  • Help with assessing the heritage assets

  • Nominate a site by using our online platform

Guidance on the project can be found here

To nominate a site please click here