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This guidance and toolkit has been developed to support individuals or groups who want to contribute to the development of the Lancashire Local Heritage List but do not know where to start!

The aim of this guidance is to provide a step-by-step guide for individuals and community groups wanting to participate in and to contribute to the Lancashire Local List project. You will find advice on:

  • how to identify potential sites to nominate for the list

  • the criteria used to assess if sites should be placed on the list

  • the process to put forward nominations for the Lancashire Local List.

The toolkit and examples provided in this guide, give you all the components you need to contribute to the enrichment of the Lancashire Local List in a structured way and to identify the features that contribute to an area’s distinctiveness, interest, amenity and sense of place.

It provides a framework for assessing the significance of different elements within the area. It also provides opportunities to identify features or issues that detract from the character of the area and need improvement.