Taking Photographs

The Albion Public House, Bispham Village, Blackpool

Photographs can help to strengthen and provide a visual aide to a record. In many cases, they can be an efficient way of capturing data and supplementing a written description for records.

Digital photographs will be required for the Lancashire Local List website, but thankfully, you will not need an expensive camera. Any kind of digital camera should be sufficient for capturing images for the digital platform, including those found on most mobile phones.

Photograph/s may include one or more of the following:

  • A general view or views of the heritage asset (if possible include its wider setting or landscape).

  • The building’s external appearance - views that will show all/most external elevations (if possible) of the heritage asset, and give an overall impression of its size and shape.

  • Images that reflect the original design intentions of the builder or architect, if known or can be understood or interpreted from the building or its setting.

  • Any structural or decorative features, which are relevant to the heritage assets design, development and use.

  • Any machinery or other plant, or evidence for its former existence.

  • Any dates or other inscriptions; any signage, makers’ plates or graffiti that contribute to an understanding of the building. A transcription will be valuable if characters are difficult to interpret.

Make sure if you don’t have the owner’s specific permission to only take photographs from public land as we do not want to cause trespass. Please also be sensitive to privacy issues.

Uninterrupted photographs are best, where this is not possible, try to take photographs that do not include people or vehicles, or at least do not include people’s faces, car licence plates etc.