Architectural and Artistic Interest

This includes the style or design and aesthetic appearance of the asset, including how it was constructed and any important features which it retains. An asset could be considered of architectural and aesthetic value if it demonstrates some of the following attributes: local and/or national styles, materials, plan form, construction (including traditional, innovative or modern) and craft techniques, or any other distinctive characteristics. An asset with striking aesthetic value, may be singled out as a landmark within the local scene. 

Changes and alterations from an asset's original form may not preclude inclusion if they are well considered or demonstrate good quality historic phasing.

Outstanding or innovative new build design which has helped to raise standards of architecture and design within the local context may also be considered.

Consider when making a nomination:

  • Has the asset been constructed of a local material? For example, clunch or flint walling or thatch roof
  • Does the asset demonstrate features of a local or national building style? For example, Georgian, modernist
  • Are there striking decorative features?
  • Do you know the architect who designed the asset?