Huntingdonshire is a diverse district which includes the historic towns of Huntingdon, Godmanchester, St Ives, St Neots and Ramsey.

Strategically placed on good river and transport routes Huntingdonshire has always been a popular place to live and it is associated with many famous names. It was the birth place of Oliver Cromwell, occasional home to the diarist Samuel Pepys and the final resting place of Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown the landscape designer. Whilst there are many protected buildings that reflect Huntingdonshire's architectural and historic interest it is the structures of local importance that this project hopes to identify.  

It is hoped that this project will provide an opportunity for people to capture buildings, places and structures which are important to them and which reflect the local identity of the District.

There is currently no list of locally important structures within Huntingdonshire (although NDHA's are identified through other Supplementary Planning Documents such as Conservation Area Appraisals and Neighbourhood Plans) It is an ambition in the Huntingdonshire Local Plan to adopt a Local List of Heritage Assets. The Cambridgeshire Local Heritage List Project has enabled the District to pilot the process of putting forward candidates for local listing. It is aimed that the District's formal adoption process will be confirmed by the end of this project in order to formally adopt the candidates that have come forward.   

It is anticipated that each District list will remain an open and active document. They are not exhaustive and further candidates for Local listing will continually come forward. They will allow for change and loss to be recorded and for new assets to be discovered, or existing assets reassessed, should more information come to light. These will not include everything that could be potentially listed, and new candidates for local listing are likely to come forward in the development management process. We actively encourage members of the public to continue to put forward candidates.