East Cambridgeshire

East Cambridgeshire is a varied district which ranges from the open flatlands of the Fens to the rolling downs around Newmarket and it contains a wealth of heritage, from traditional cottages, chapels and schools through to wartime airfields and phoneboxes. Local Heritage Lists help to highlight key heritage assets, which are of special local interest and shape the character of a district.

East Cambridgeshire adopted their Register of Buildings of Local Interest in 2017 but it is incomplete and does not currently include large parts of the district. The current project, which is being undertaken in collaboration with the other Cambridgeshire authorities, is an ideal opportunity to extend the List’s coverage and ensure that it is more consistent and complete. There are a number of priorities across the district for further research, including:

  • Schools
  • Chapels
  • Vicarages, rectories & manses
  • Village halls & reading rooms
  • Estate cottages
  • War memorials
  • Military heritage
  • Parks & cemeteries
  • Examples of traditional construction (eg thatch, timber framing)

It is anticipated that each District list will remain an open and active document. They are not exhaustive and further candidates for Local listing will continually come forward. They will allow for change and loss to be recorded and for new assets to be discovered, or existing assets reassessed, should more information come to light. These will not include everything that could be potentially listed, and new candidates for local listing are likely to come forward in the development management process. We actively encourage members of the public to continue to put forward candidates.