Welcome to the South Yorkshire Local Heritage List

The places we live and work in have been subject to all kinds of changes throughout their histories; this is displayed in the landscapes and townscapes around us. Whether it's remains of a prehistoric burial mound, an 18th century iron works or a Second World War memorial, there are remnants of the past everywhere, although they are not always well known or sometimes even very visible. The Local Heritage List reflects the importance of these places and structures to their communities’ local historic environment and illustrates their significance to the wider world.

The South Yorkshire Local Heritage List identifies heritage assets that are valued as contributing to the distinctiveness and history of South Yorkshire but that are not protected by statutory national designations, such as Listing or Scheduling. Inclusion on the Local Heritage List can allow the more local significance of a building, place or site to be taken into account in planning decisions that affect it or its setting - although it won't provide the same level of protection as national designation.

On this site you can view the existing Local List, see the assessment criteria and nominate candidates - as well as reading the project blogs.