Age is likely to be an important factor to consider when identifying heritage assets. The age range relevant to different asset types takes into account distinctive local characteristics, significant developments, styles and/or building traditions.

When investigating the age of a heritage asset, it can be useful to look at historic mapping to see when the asset first appeared. A good way to start is to check the National Library of Scotland’s collection of historic Ordnance Survey maps. The age of an asset may also appear on historic documents, such as deeds, contracts, newspapers, or private plans or estate schedules. The asset itself may even have a foundation stone, plaque or commemorative signage to indicate its age. For some assets, a specific date may be difficult to ascertain, although a date range or period may be established. This is particularly likely to apply to archaeological sites. It is also important to consider any additions, extensions, repairs or refurbishments related to the asset and the age of these features as well.

Here are the Age criteria for each asset type:

Buildings/Structures - Does the asset date from before the 1850s, e.g. is it shown on the 1st edition OS map (and is not nationally listed), or is it a more recent building of merit, e.g. relating to key local industries, businesses or infrastructure, or to emerging municipal identity and provision?

Parks, Gardens and Designed Landscapes - Was the park/garden formed before about 1750 with at least a proportion of the original layout still evident; or was it laid out between about 1750 and the 1850s, e.g. is it shown on the 1st edition OS map, with enough of the layout surviving to reflect the original design; or is it more recent but relatively intact and with a special quality or historic interest, e.g. designed landscapes associated with emerging municipal identity and provision?

Archaeological Sites - Is the site definable in extent and in terms of period of origin or use/occupation?

Commemorative Monuments, Memorials and Statues - Does the asset commemorate events of national or more local significance and is it more than 30 years old?

Places/Areas - Is the place definable in extent and having a particular historic character whose origin is more than 30 years old?