Get Involved

The South Yorkshire Local Heritage List relies on community input to identify buildings, sites and places that could be included on the list. 

Before the nomination process can begin, a heritage asset must first be identified as a potential candidate. Use the Map to see what assets are already nationally or locally designated and then have a look at the Assessment Criteria to find out about eligibility. If a candidate isn't already designated then you can nominate it for the Local Heritage List.

Potential candidates can be identified in all sorts of ways - through existing personal knowledge of a particular place, as part of a survey or research project with a local group, or by visiting and taking some photos of a historic place you like, along with some research into its history. Many local heritage and special interest groups, such as the Civic Trusts/Societies, are involved with the Local Heritage List project, so you may want to join up with a nearby group. Or contact us for advice on identifying candidates.

Information on how to join training events and other useful tips will also be available on our project Blog.