Architectural and Artistic Interest

Architectural and Artistic Interest describes both the intrinsic design and the aesthetic value of an asset relating to style, materials, construction and craft techniques, or any other distinctive characteristics. Any asset may have architectural or artistic interest, although this is less likely for archaeological sites. These may still contain elements that add to the overall character of the asset and the local area.

Architectural and Artistic Interest can arise from conscious design or fortuitously from the way the heritage asset has evolved. More specifically, architectural interest is an interest in the art or science of the design, construction, craft and decoration of structures of all types. Artistic interest is an interest in other human creative skills, like sculpture.

When considering the Architectural or Artistic Interest of the heritage asset you would like to nominate, think about what materials have been used, whether it conforms to an identifiable style, if there are any decorative elements, or if a known designer was responsible for its creation.

Here are the Architectural and Artistic Interest criteria for each asset type:

Buildings/Structures- Does the asset have a distinctive design, or some architectural/ artistic elements, that give it merit? Candidate buildings may have been designed by a known architect or be the work of a known engineer or may be distinctive because they use characteristic local materials or design elements. 

Parks, Gardens & Designed Landscapes - Was the asset designed by a known landscape architect, designer, gardener, or plants expert, or does it have a design relating to local styles or have other distinctive local characteristics, including use of local materials?

Archaeological Sites - Does the asset have potential to contain remains of architectural or artistic interest? (May not be relevant for this asset type)

Commemorative Monuments/Memorials/Statues - Does the monument have architectural or artistic merit? Was it designed by a known architect or designer?

Places/Areas - Does the place have architectural, design or artistic merit?