About Local Heritage Listing

Local listing is the creation of a register of historic buildings, monuments, landscapes and places not protected by national listing or scheduling but that warrant consideration in decisions affecting them. By highlighting the value of these heritage assets to a local area, we can see what makes that area unique and what is important to local residents. Local Heritage Listing can help to protect these places through the planning system by illustrating how highly they are regarded by their local community.

To ensure that the list is a reflection of local significance, it relies on community involvement to nominate the historic buildings, sites and places that are important to an area. Anyone can register to nominate a heritage asset - whether you’re an interested individual or a special interest or civic group, this is a chance to have a say on your local heritage. By nominating a candidate, you can share what makes where you live special and highlight the rich heritage of South Yorkshire. 

Once nominated, candidates will be assessed against agreed selection criteria for local listing. Information submitted will also be added to the South Yorkshire Historic Environment Record (HER). This is a record maintained by South Yorkshire Archaeology Service, about evidence for changes in our historic environment over time - you can consult information on the South Yorkshire record through the Heritage Gateway. Even if your nominated asset does not make it onto the Local List, the information you provided about it can be included on the HER and so will be a valuable contribution to our understanding of the heritage of South Yorkshire.