Current Candidates for Assessment

Before the Assessment Panel meets to consider each round of candidates, there is a period of public consultation where everyone is invited to make comments or submit additional information on any of the assets nominated. These comments can then be taken into account by the members of the assessment panel and used during the meeting to aid in the decision making. They will also be visible on the final entry, should the asset be formally locally listed.

The Assessment Panel are currently considering heritage assets submitted before 23rd January 2022. The cut-off date for the next Assessment Panel meeting is Sunday 24th April 2022, to allow for a period of public consultation before the assessment panel considers these nominations at a future meeting. Click on the links below to learn more about the candidates currently up for assessment. If you would like to comment or give further information on these assets please use the contact form or email before the last day of the consultation period.

Candidates nominated for the current round of assessment;

  Barnsley              Rotherham               Doncaster               Sheffield 1    Sheffield 2       

Registered users of the website can see all the current nominations by viewing the Map or List pages and filtering the list by status. This filter allows you to look at the assets on the list based on what stage of the listing process they are at, from nomination, through assessment to being formally listed. Below is an outline of what stage of an assets journey to local listing is represented by each status used on the list:

In Preparation – this means that the nominator is still completing the nomination form for an asset and nobody else is able to view the entry.

Pre-Candidate – this indicates that a nomination has been submitted, but not yet open to public consultation, and can only be viewed by the Assessment Panel and website administrator.

Candidate (work in progress) – this means the asset is open to public consultation and is ready for assessment. All registered users of the website can see these assets.

Candidate (ready) – this is when the asset has been assessed and found to meet the requisite criteria for listing. These assets will be recommended to the council for local listing. All registered users of the website can see these assets.

Rejected – these are assets which were found not to meet the selection criteria by the Assessment Panel or were rejected by the local council. All registered users of the website can see these assets.

Locally Listed – These assets have been approved by the relevant council and formally locally listed. All website users (including those not registered) can see these assets.

Removed – this means the asset has been removed from the list due to incorrect supporting information affecting its suitability or because it has been changed and no longer meets the selection criteria for local listing. These can only be seen by the nominator and website administrator.

Deleted – these assets have been deleted either by the nominator or because they are duplicate nominations which have been amalgamated with another nomination for the same asset. These can only be seen by the nominator and website administrator.