Assessment Criteria

In order to be included on South Yorkshire's Local Heritage List, all nominated heritage assets must first be assessed against a number of criteria. This will help to highlight the qualities that make the asset special and set out its contribution to the historic character of the local area. The assessment criteria have been developed with reference to Historic England's advice note on Local Heritage Listing, along with significant themes and date ranges specific to the history and archaeology of South Yorkshire. 

The criteria that we'll use fall into seven categories, against which each nomination will be assessed. The criteria have been adapted to make them relevant to each different type of heritage asset, to allow all nominations to be assessed properly and with consideration of their individual merits. It's important to remember that to be included on the list, an asset must meet at least 5 of the 7 criteria. Click on the links below to find out about how the criteria relate to each asset type or download a PDF of all the criteria.